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PMGA Mini Golf Launches For Mobile Phones

Mobile entertainment publisher Synergenix, Kayak Interactive's European subsidiary today announced the launch of PMGA MiniGolf, a unique new golf game for mobile phones and the first ever to be endorsed by the Professional Miniature Golf Association (PMGA) of the USA.

PMGA MiniGolf brings all of the excitement, skill and fun of miniature golf to mobile phone handsets and challenges players to master a whole new and different set of skills from those found on regular fairways. With three different courses and over fifty of the most fiendish and formidable holes ever found within a golf game, PMGA MiniGolf offers a unique gameplay experience.

The game has been designed in conjunction with the Professional Miniature Golf Association, recognized world leaders in the design, construction and promotion of miniature golf courses. Players can compete in the game as real world-class champions of the PMGA, playing on courses as tricky and challenging as those created by the PMGA in the real world.

PMGA MiniGolf uses an isometric perspective to give players the clearest possible view of each hole and allow them to plan each stroke and shot with the greatest of care. Courses range from burning desert sands to tropical beaches and lofty mountain peaks. Holes come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple and straightforward through to those so complex, they would make PMGA champions pause for thought.

Created by Italian mobile game experts, Impressionware, PMGA MiniGolf features incredibly realistic physics, to ensure the game is as authentic, accurate and as much fun as possible. The game combines simple pick-up-and-play controls with fast and enjoyable gameplay, to create an entirely new challenge for mobile gamers worldwide. Up to four players can compete against each other in PMGA MiniGolf, using a single mobile phone handset.

Martin Forsling, the Chief Executive Officer of Synergenix, said, "We are very pleased to be working with the PMGA on this exciting new title. It's fast, fun and perfectly suited to mobile phone gaming, allowing players to play one or two holes, or compete in an entire tournament with friends. Both Synergenix and Impressionware have worked very closely with the PMGA to create something we think will gain many new fans all around the world and the result is a game I believe will attract many more players to the pleasures of mobile gaming."

Paul Hemingway, the Director of the PMGA, said, "PMGA MiniGolf captures the essence of competitive professional miniature golf play. Miniature golf is a great sport in that it's a game for all people - young and old; PMGA MiniGolf will bring the same camaraderie, excitement, and family fun that one associates with miniature golf in a format that can be played at anytime or anyplace."

PMGA MiniGolf is soon to be available from all leading networks and portals throughout Europe and Asia. The title will be available later this year in North America. The game supports all major mobile phone handsets.

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