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Ozura Mobile Beauty Queen

Ozura Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nextnation Communication and a leading international publisher and developer of mobile entertainment has announced six finalists that will make it to the Grand Finals after the final heat of the Beauty Queen tournament. The coming of the Grand Finals marks an official end to the year long tournament that has been ongoing since March this year.

The Beauty Queen tournament was a series of mobile games structured into three heats culminating to the Grand Finals. With each tournament held over a period of two months, the competition has been ongoing since March this year. The game series centered on the life of a beauty queen, namely Ms. Gloria Ting, Miss Malaysia 2004.

Each heat previously featured a new edition of the Beauty Queen game. The first edition of the series, Beauty Queen: Workout was held in March, where the top three winners received an Acer Laptop, Canon Digital Camera and an Ipod Nano. Workout focused on the fitness aspect of being a beauty queen and how important it was to maintain good health while keeping in shape.

The second edition, Beauty Queen: Catwalk was more glamorous in comparison, centering on the famous term religiously applied to all beauty figures ? the catwalk. The top three winners of the second heat which was held in May this year received a Sony Ericsson W900i, a Pioneer home theatre system and a Sony PSP.

The final heat, Beauty Queen: Charity explored a softer side and the inherent social responsibility that comes with being a public figure ? the act of charity. The final heat was held in July, the top three winners of this last heat won a Sony Handycam, a Seiko Watch and a DKNY handbag.

?After a year long tournament, it is rewarding to finally see the results of our efforts, a Grand Final competition where the best of the best in our local mobile community come together to battle it out for the title of the Grand Winner,? said Lion Peh, Ozura?s Chief Executive Officer.

With the last heat out the way, the Grand Finals has finally come about where six contestants will be playing against each other ?live? to determine the Grand Finals winners. There will be two rounds, the first round is an elimination round and the second is to determine the top three winners of the finals. Finalists will be playing all three editions of the games, Workout, Catwalk and Charity. The Grand Finals winner will be winning the cash prize of RM 5,000 and a dinner with Ms. Gloria Ting. The second and third place winners will be receiving cash prizes of RM 3,000 and RM 2,000 respectively.

?The Beauty Queen tournament was a success that it has recently incurred much foreign interest. Advance Info Service (AIS), the largest mobile network operator in Thailand has requested an installment of their own series to glorify their own crowned beauty queen. The Beauty Queen series has been a catalyst to the upsurge of mobile gaming popularity in Malaysia, while increasing the exposure of Ozura?s role as a leading player of the mobile gaming industry in the Asia Pacific,? remarked Peh when asked about the impact Beauty Queen has had on Ozura.

The Beauty Queen Grand Finals will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 9 December 2006 where six finalists will be competing amongst themselves for the grand prize of RM 5,000 and dinner with Gloria Ting.

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