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Ozura Mobile & Coruscant TEC sign Partnership deal

Ozura Mobile, a leading international publisher and developer of mobile entertainment, today has entered into a strategic partnership deal with Mumbai-based wireless solution company, Coruscant Tec.

Through this partnership, Coruscant Tec will make premium titles developed by Ozura available across its extensive distribution network, include providing the titles to Indiatimes -- India's largest content aggregator which reaches out to all the leading telecom companies, enabling more than 100 million mobile customers across India to experience Ozura's entrancing mobile games.

"We foresee a great opening of mobile gaming opportunities in India as this market has grown so rapidly that it has even stimulated the development of innovative business model," said H.E. Mah, Ozura's VP of Marketing.

He added that India has a great future in this field, quoting projection from Pyramid Research that mobile gaming market in India could expand by 700%, to more than US$200m annually.

"Our branded titles have exceeded all expectations in the regional market and with Coruscant Tec as our partner, we are now in pole position to capture the 101.8 million mobile-phone subscribers in India market," expressed Mah.

With this agreement, Ozura is one step staking up in the global mobile game market of which global revenue reaching $3.1billion in 2006.

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