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On-Device Measurement of 1,000 Mobile Content Users Across the U.S. and U.K.

M:Metrics, the mobile market authority, has announced the deployment of its M:Meter, the first commercially-available mobile device meter designed to measure the behaviours of mobile content consumers across the United States and United Kingdom.

M:Metrics has recruited more than 1,000 mobile phone users, who have installed M:Metrics? patent-pending metering technology on their devices. In addition, M:Metrics is working with leading network operators to develop custom panels to measure the behaviours of consumers of mobile video, mobile audio, mobile browser usage and mobile application usage.

?This is a watershed moment for the media measurement industry,? said Will Hodgman, CEO, M:Metrics. ?As consumers become mobile, they are spending less time engaging in traditional media, such as television and radio. While our survey-based measurement accurately quantifies this audience, which is larger than the audience for most television shows in syndication in the U.S., the M:Meter provides even more detailed insights into the behaviours of mobile media users, which are invaluable to media companies, technology providers and network operators.?

M:Metrics has been collecting data from the M:Meter for the past nine months, and will launch the M:Meter service in the second half of this year. The M:Meter complements M:Metrics? industry-leading mobile market measurement methodologies, which include the world?s largest monthly survey of mobile subscribers across the U.S., U.K., Germany and France.

M:Metrics accurately delivers these market metrics through its online delivery tool MobiLens, the most comprehensive database with detailed technical profiles of every handset in active use in the markets M:Metrics measures. In addition, MobiLens offers the only continuously updated catalogue of all mobile content and applications offered through operator handset channels. The firm has more than 60 clients, including all the leading mobile operators, MVNOs, mobile content and technology companies. About M:Metrics M:Metrics is the mobile market measurement authority. As the only research firm to measure the audience for mobile media, M:Metrics provides the most accurate metrics on actual mobile content consumption by applying trusted media measurement methodologies to the mobile market. M:Metrics? monthly syndicated data service gives clients the critical insights and intelligence required to inform smart business strategies and the competitive benchmarks needed to evaluate the performance of competitors and partners. M:Metrics is a private, venture-funded corporation headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and London.

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