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Oberon Games Creates the Perfect 'Dream Day Honeymoon' Getaway

NEW YORK--Millions of casual gamers helped Jenny and Robert plan their wedding in the hugely successful downloadable game, Dream Day Wedding. Now, as they embark on their honeymoon, millions more will enjoy Oberon Games' latest chapter in the successful Dream Day series, Dream Day Honeymoon. Available for download this summer, Dream Day Honeymoon immerses fans in a gorgeous seek and find adventure to help Jenny and Robert create an unforgettable honeymoon while avoiding the dreaded honeymoon crisis.

Created and designed specifically for the growing audience of female casual gamers by Oberon's Cara Ely, Dream Day Honeymoon takes players on a trip to the scenic islands of Hawaii where they will collect a variety of souvenirs to help make Jenny and Robert's honeymoon dreams come true. Vivid colors and exciting, unique venues make this enchanting seek-and-find game an addictive, must-have download for the summer.

"From initial concept to finished download, the Dream Day series games are specially created as a fun and entertaining diversion with women in mind," says Cara Ely, senior producer at Oberon Games. "With women representing a growing majority of the huge audience for casual games and with wedding season upon us, now is the perfect time to introduce the next offering in this popular series."

Gameplay is similar to Dream Day Wedding, with players visiting different locations and finding hidden objects to help Jenny gather souvenirs, as well as deciding the path their honeymoon story will follow in the unique Choose a Story mini-games. Fans of the original Dream Day Wedding will find themselves in pleasantly familiar territory, and gamers new to the brand will love picking up the story as Jenny and Robert explore a tropical island paradise.

Dream Day Honeymoon will be available as a PC download in July 2007 on popular casual game portals worldwide.

About Oberon Games

Oberon Games, a division of Oberon Media, is a leading publisher and developer of casual games for PC, Mobile and iTV, and is the creator of hit titles including Dream Day Wedding and Magic Match. Oberon Media provides developers with a comprehensive array of publishing and marketing services to help ensure that their games reach the broadest audience possible and are available for play "anywhere, anytime, on any platform". For more information visit www.oberongames.com or www.oberon-media.com. Oberon Media was founded in 2003 and has offices in New York, Seattle, London, Cyprus, Tel Aviv and Singapore.

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