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O2 to pre-install game demos on new handsets

3D titles from Fishlabs on Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones

In a concerted effort to promote mobile phone gaming, 02 is to install five free mobile game demos from developer Fishlabs on new Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobiles.

The handsets will come with an application allowing users to sample 3D titles Planet Riders, Galaxy on Fire, Burning Tires, Robot Alliance and Heli Strike.

"Many mobile phone owners are not aware of the fact that they are holding a mobile game console," said Mark Tins, product manager of games at O2.

"These pre-installed games introduce users to the concept of mobile gaming enabling them to simply download the full versions if they want to."

Initially the demos will be available for the Nokia 6233 and Sony Ericsson K610i and K800i models.

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