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Now, mobiles to curb stolen car's mobility

If you thought stopping a stolen car anywhere in the country with merely a missed call from a mobile phone sounded too good to be true, you probably haven't heard the latest on the tech front. Working on a college project, two students of LC Institute of Technology in Bhandu, Priyank Suthar and Khetsing Tank have invented a low-cost chip that can indeed stop a car with a missed call.

The chip, when tied to a car's circuit, can connect or disconnect it's ignition as soon as it registers a missed call from a particular number which is fed into it's system. The number when dialled, disconnects the ignition circuit and stops the car. "Since stealing cars has become so common and easy these days, with thieves unlocking the most complicated of systems, this system can be of great help. It is designed in such a way that once the car is halted by a missed call it will restart only after another missed call is sent to it from the same mobile phone,''explained Khetsing. The system cannot be imitated as only a particular phone available with the owner of the car can stop or move the car as a specific profile assigned system is integrated in the mobile phone.

The two students are studying electronics and communication engineering at LC Institute. The duo demonstrated their product recently at the institute campus by stopping a Maruti car. The application of mobile phones in controlling certain electronic devices has been demonstrated before but this particular application is new. The mobile phone can also operate other electronic items like air conditioners or other home appliances like fans, lighting, washing machines, microwaves, and TV by simply sending a missed call to a particular number, claimed Khetsing. "We are now working out ways to use the system in defence and agriculture applications,''he added.

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