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Nigeria: Starcomms Rolls-Out Mobile Instant Messenger

Nigerian 3G operator Starcomms has launched Instant Mobile Messenger, which allows its subscribers to have real-time chat with MSN and Yahoo Messengers via SMS. ?Furthermore, subscribers can also send, receive and reply to instant messages and view and manage friend?s lists real-time. With this they can be online real-time on Yahoo! And MSN messenger through their handsets to any part of the world...The service would also enable its users to add/block or unblock their online contacts; and also show their presence update and even add or delete the MSN or Yahoo service.,? reports All Africa. I?m not sure that SMS should be the technology of choice for 3G handsets, but I suppose it would help when they leave 3G coverage. Starcomms claims 500,000 subscribers, and has been operating since 1990.

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