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New Licensing Deal for SilverBirch and Skyzone

SilverBirch and SkyZone has signed for an new License to release three new Mobile games after their successful launch of Triple Scoop Twist. With these Licensing agreement they are supposed release mobile games like Nintendo Wii titles and Silverbirch?s Fizzball. "We are most pleased to continue working with SkyZone Entertainment," said Derek van der Plaat, CEO of SilverBirch. "After the release of the highly rated Triple Scoop Twist we are anticipating great success from these games." "SilverBirch Studios is a shining example of a great, creative development partner," says Bob Shireman, Chief Publishing Officer of SkyZone Entertainment. "We are elated to be able to extend our relationship to future titles and eagerly anticipate seeing their vision on our original and licensed properties."

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