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NetMotion Wireless Adds Quality of Service Capabilities to Mobile VPN

SEATTLE, Nov. 6 -- NetMotion Wireless, the industry leading Mobile VPN solution provider, has added Quality of Service (QoS) features to Mobility XE(TM). The mobile VPN software solution now gives organizations even more control over how it allocates wireless LAN and wireless WAN bandwidth to different applications, ports or IP addresses. Mobility XE version 7.1 is designed to give highly mobile individuals and organizations continuous, secure access to critical applications across any combination of IP networks.

Using eight different levels of traffic shaping, the QoS policy settings allow organizations to prioritize network traffic for any IP-based application, including those sensitive to latency and jitter such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), video or real-time conferencing applications. Data from business-critical applications or from specific groups of users can take precedence, providing the fastest possible transmission.

In addition to traffic shaping, the new QoS policies also support differential services code point (DSCP) tagging of VPN-encrypted IP packets so that DSCP-enabled routers, firewalls and switches can provide network-level QoS. Without QoS policies applied, all network traffic is treated equally by the VPN and network infrastructure, leaving important transmissions more vulnerable to delay and degradation.

According to Forrester research, "After a decade of avoiding complex quality of service (QoS) attributes in an IP network, Forrester's clients are showing renewed interest. Why? Because shifting to IP-based apps and converged multimedia networks can be easily foiled by IP's best effort nature." (The Three Myths of Network QoS, Forrester Research, Inc., December 16, 2005).

"As the mobile VPN category becomes established and more widely deployed, enterprises are looking for more robust network management functionality," said Tom Johnston, senior VP of products and marketing at NetMotion Wireless. "The Quality of Service capabilities in Mobility XE address this need for our customers and our alliance partners. We're seeing significant new demand to support real-time applications in a mobile, wireless environment, and our mobile VPN is particularly well suited for these types of applications. This release marks a new level of maturity for the mobile VPN market and the beginning of a series of new features designed specifically to make real-time applications like VoIP more secure and reliable for mobile employees using wireless networks."

All NetMotion Wireless Mobility XE 7.0 customers with a current maintenance contract will automatically receive a 7.1 release upgrade for both client and server editions. Customers with prior versions can upgrade to version 7.1 with prices dependant on the number of seats. Mobility XE 7.1 is available immediately.

About NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Wireless is the industry leader among mobile VPN solution providers, with over 1,000 customers. Mobility XE(TM), the company's flagship product, enables hundreds of thousands of mobile workers to get connected and stay connected to critical business applications over wireless networks. Because of its outstanding technology, Mobility XE has received more than 20 product awards, including an Editor's Choice designation from Network Computing. For more information about NetMotion Wireless or its products, please visit http://www.netmotionwireless.com, or call (206) 691-5500.

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