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Namco Making Dilbert Mobile Game

Maybe there'll be a Dilbert comic commenting on the mobile game

JANUARY 23, 2006

Namco Networks today announced it will bring Dilbert to mobile phones. This agreement with United Media will see the launch of a Dilbert mobile game in Fall 2006. Dilbert is one of the best known comic strips in the world and its witty commentary on office politics has an audience of tens of millions worldwide.

"Dilbert's trials and tribulations as a corporate cog make him an ideal mobile game star," said Scott Rubin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Namco Networks. "The game will appeal to anyone who has experienced cubicle life or has dealt with office bureaucracy. With its mass market appeal, Dilbert will make a great addition to our growing list of brand-based games."

"We are excited to further our relationship with Namco Networks by adding a mobile game to Dilbert's impressive multimedia portfolio," said Jean Sagendorph, licensing manager at United Media. "Namco Networks' ability to create fun, quality games makes them the perfect partner for creating a Dilbert-based mobile game that will allow fans of the comic to interact with Dilbert and his corporate world."

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