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MyMobiSafe.com Goes Live Today and Cell Phone Owners Are Taking Notice Globally

Today MyMobiSafe.com makes its world debut as the startup mobile security provider launches its website. MyMobiSafe? is a security solution designed for all cell phones as a line of defensive protection. Global threats are rising for cell phone users as more content is made available. With the emergence of mobile banking and increased cellular content such as music, videos, and gaming, mobile threats have increased around the world. MyMobiSafe? is available to all cell phone users and is also compatible with multifunctional mobile devices such as the Blackberry and Smartphone.

Over the past few weeks MyMobiSafe.com has blasted onto the industry scene with their MySpace pre-launch page. Trading textbook business startup tactics for a social networking campaign, the word about MyMobiSafe.com has been spreading like wildfire. The company has attracted global interest as cell phone owners have been anticipating the arrival of their affordable $3.99 protection plan.

Cell phone owners can increase their mobile security for only $3.99USD per month by subscribing for protection at MyMobiSafe.com. Foregoing the high upfront user fees common in the antivirus industry, MyMobiSafe.com aims to bring an affordable security solution to all wireless users. MyMobiSafe.com is a U.S. based startup company, but the MyMobiSafe? solution has been tested and proven as a global line of defense. If you or your business use cell phones visit MyMobiSafe.com to increase your mobile security today.

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