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Multiplayer Mobile Game Development started by UIEvolution(R) and Exit Games

UIEvolution, a leading provider of software solutions for rich media, information and entertainment, has partnered with Exit Games, a leading software provider for multiplayer mobile entertainment platforms, to deliver powerful integrated solutions for mobile multiplayer gaming. The integration of UIEvolution's UIEngine(TM) with Exit Games Neutron Multiplayer Platform is allowing for the delivery of multiplayer games for publishers across multiple operators and device technologies.

Exit Games core product, Neutron, is a managed service for connected and multiplayer mobile games, based on the open OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Games Services standard. Exit Games Neutron 3.0 is the leading multiplayer solution that connects mobile gamers across the world regardless of which handset or mobile network they are using. "The combination of UIEngine's functionality with the advanced gameplay and community features offered by Exit Games Neutron 3.0 leads to the creation of state-of-the-art and global availability of mobile games and connected applications that really demonstrate the fun of multiplayer gaming and social communities,"

"With the integration of Exit Games into the UIEngine, the UIEvolution application development team has even more flexibility to create world class content," said Travis Beaven, Director of Consumer Products. "Using the Neutron platform, we are going to see powerful, extensive games that would have never been possible before -- true, cross-platform multiplayer games that allow for interactive game play across any capable device and any wireless or wire line network.

UIEngine is a powerful, cross-platform software technology for creating applications that are compact, yet rich in content, and can be used over virtually any device, operating system or network. This capability enables media publishers to develop and deliver applications more quickly because it prevents the need to create and manage multiple versions of each application.

A free version of UIEvolution's latest software development kit UIE SDK Version 2.0 is now available featuring an integrated development environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse platform, full-featured debugging environment, emulation skins for the most popular devices, and support for components. In addition, UIE SDK provides open access to all UIEvolution tools and UIEngine players. UIEvolution also provides free test UIE Player software for instant testing of applications running on PC, Mac and Sprint mobile phone devices. The software can be downloaded from developer.uievolution.com.

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