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MobileRated Launches - Free Mobile Games Portal

November 2, 2006 -- Mobilerated brings Free Phone FunTM to the masses. Today is the official launch of the new free mobile games portal, http://www.mobilerated.com. All mobile phone games, also known as java midlets, j2me games, java games, and/or mobile games, are presented totally free to customers. Each game is legally free as well - MobileRated licenses and hosts phone games from 3rd party developers who wish their mobile games to be presented freely to customers.

The site has been available in beta for the last month and has already attracted a strong and loyal following. Over twenty (20) mobile phone developers have signed up and almost one hundred (100) free mobile phone games are available for free download. Eager game enthusiasts have already downloaded over twenty thousand (20,000) free java games for their mobile phones.

Selling mobile phone games is a difficult proposition for mobile game developers today. Revenues are shared between the mobile operators (the carriers or phone companies), game publishers, game distributors, mobile billing facilitators, brand licensees, and IP holders. It leaves a thin slice for the game developer, when able to secure a spot on the operator's limited offering of game products.

MobileRated has a different proposition. Rather than sell the game for a small financial return, games are given away for free. This provides a direct connection between game developer and their target audience - the free mobile game player. With this connection in hand, the developer has several options available: earn customer trust and loyalty; upsell additional game features, levels, or sequels; promote other games or services; self-fund with in-game advertising; and many more possibilities. MobileRated offers products and services to enable qualified developers to leverage their existing free mobile games, be they demos, trials, limited use subscriptions, adware, open source, or totally free. Each is clearly labeled prior to downloading, so customers are never caught unaware.

"People demand more freedom of choice today," says CEO Richard Mosher. "Rather than rely on their phone company to present a limited selection of product, people wish to find games and other content that meets their personal needs and interests. One size does not fit all, and MobileRated provides the tools to easily find the right free mobile games for every individual taste."

Mobile phone games are rated, reviewed, and ranked both by MobileRated staff and by customers to the portal. Mobile games can be found by genre, popularity, rating, name, and by relative popularity to other games a customer has enjoyed.

During the first months of service, MobileRated is sponsoring a mobile phone developer contest. See details at MobileRated Developer Contest.

About MobileRated:

MobileRated is your source for Free Phone Fun! Dedicated to the concept of free mobile phone games and entertainment services, MobileRated is a wap and web portal offering free games for mobile phones. Included are open source, demos/trials, ad-supported, and totally free games. Games are reviewed, rated, categorized and ranked by popularity, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Discover a better way to play - discover mobilerated.com (web) and mobilerated.com/wap (wap).

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