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MobileFrame's mobile application creation/management suite updated to v4.2

MobileFrame, LLC today announced release of version 4.2 of their Configurable Mobile application Product Suite, which enables novice users to create and deploy custom mobile applications without custom programming, third party mobile gateways, synchronization engines or SDK's.

Version 4.2 adds remote device configuration and management features that allow system administrators to control all devices in the field and install software updates, regardless of what peripherals or device configurations have been deployed, according to MobileFrame. Device power, memory utilization, messaging, alerts and synchronization status can be monitored for all devices on the system from the desktop interface.

Administrators can also lock down devices (including kiosk mode) and set up different device configurations for a single user or for groups of users. Finally, administrators can automatically deploy device configuration settings, including synchronization priorities (WiFi, WAN, LAN) based on their preferences, and schedule synchronization to any remote mobile device or any group of mobile devices.

Other new features include:

- Dynamic Enterprise Data. System Administrators can now define dynamic enterprise data on a project. This data automatically populates and refreshes on any pre-selected frequency. This feature provides the ability to automatically assign data to mobile workers based on criteria selected by the Administrator.

- Point and Click Integration. Users can create and deploy powerful sever based workflow integrations to any backend system out of the box.

- MobileFrame Test Site. Users can now test their mobile applications directly from the task authoring screen. Device emulation is supported simultaneously in all languages.

- Enhanced Multi-Value Grid. This feature allows users to repeat values in a row/column matrix of values. It works in tandem with the Multi-Value Grid workflow functions. The grid supports unlimited formatting options, including automatic conditional formatting.

- Remote Manager. Administrators can now monitor the status of all devices in use on the system. Information such as remaining battery life, memory, and last synchronization time can be viewed and sorted.

- Remote Actions. System Administrators can now remotely cause certain actions to occur on the client devices without intervention of the mobile worker. These include sending a popup message to the mobile worker (instant alert), compacting the database on the remote device (Pocket PC only), and logging mobile workers off the system.

- Send Email. A new Send Email function has been introduced as part of the Advanced Workflow Pack. This will allow users to send email notifications as part of their server workflow, including authentication via LDAP/Active Directory. This function supports plain text or HTML formats, SMTP server relay authentication, and standard email fields. Users can insert steps into the body of their message to tailor the message for specific needs.

MobileFrame offers three Product Suites with varying degrees of capability. The MobileFrame Standard Suite runs on a MS SQL Server database and contains all of the functionality required to create and deploy sophisticated workflow for any customer's mobile workforce. The Standard Suite feature set includes conditional branching, basic math calculations, and peripheral device support [Cameras, Bar Code Scanners, Voice Notes, Digital Signatures]. MobileFrame Business Suite includes all Standard Suite functionality plus advanced workflow, support for additional peripheral devices, advanced calculator functions, and messaging/alerts. MobileFrame Enterprise Suite includes all Business Suite functionality plus advanced messaging/alerts, Oracle, Sybase and DB2 database support and Java/Unix application server integration.

For more information on MobileFrame Product Suite v4.2, see MobileFrame.com, and see the company's summary page on MobileVillage.

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