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Mobile web-app dev tool adds .NET CF API

Sybase has released an update to its mobile web-application development software and database builder. Unwired Accelerator 8.0 gives users access to enterprise applications, data, and business processes from mobile devices, and features a .NET Compact Framework API (application programming interface) that supports enterprise-level synchronization, persistence, transaction, and server-push capabilities, according to the company.

Sybase says that Unwired Accelerator enables developers to build custom mobile applications that extend existing enterprise information sources, such as SAP ERP, BMC Remedy Service Desk, Business Objects XI, Crystal Reports XI, Lotus Notes, JDBC databases, Web Services, and Web applications, directly to handheld devices.

In addition to the .NET CF API and enhanced application support, Sybase lists the following new features of version 8.0:

Server push and differential synchronization support
Eclipse-based "mobile tooling" in addition to web-based tooling for developing both connected and disconnected mobile applications
Connected and disconnected support for Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) devices that support MIDP 2.0 profiles and CLDC 1.0 runtime
Support for SOA (Service Orientated Architecture), online/browser and smart/rich client architectures
Sybase describes Unwired Accelerator as a "key component" of its recently announced "Information Anywhere" Suite that includes mobile email, device management, enterprise-to-edge security and enterprise application enabling products that securely extend back-end enterprise applications and business processes to remote workers. Additional components of the Information Anywhere Suite will become available throughout the fourth quarter, according to the company.
Neil McGovern, director of corporate development and product strategy at Sybase, stated, "Sybase Unwired Accelerator 8.0 delivers on Sybase's vision for an Unwired Enterprise by providing superior technology that is secure and reliable for the mobile workforce. Sybase is unique in offering end-users a wide range of options for accessing enterprise data and business processes from virtually any mobile device."

Unwired Accelerator is available now and is offered under two different licensing models. The Processor License Option, for $29,000, allows an unlimited number of users to access the application on a single CPU either internally or externally over the Internet, according to Sybase. The Networked License Option, for $299, permits a single named user to access the application running on multiple servers through a networked environment. The Network License does not support external Internet access. A free trial download is available http://eshop.sybase.com/eshop/buy_detail?id=85266&prodId=8691&bid=66510.

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