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Mobile Web Winners May Be The Ones That Imitate the Internet

Forget about pushing the boundaries and making the mobile Web a totally new experience for users. It may be that users just want familiar services they know and understand from the Internet. That?s the key message of new research from Berg Insight (via Silicon Republic). In practical terms, that means delivering users browsing, email, IM, media and networking mixed with instantaneity (that?s a new one!), personalization and GPS location.

What?s an example of a service that bridges the gap between fixed and mobile? Well, Google has made the transition, with services such as Gmail and Google Search adapting to the mobile platform while delivering the same content and usability that users have come to expect from the fixed Internet, Berg Insight claims. (Funny, I?ve seen and written reams explaining why retrofitting Internet search for the mobile web is an approach doomed to failure.)

Finally, the research firm advises mobile operators to introduce entry-level services with ?sticky? or high-pull factors, such as IM or browsing, in a monthly fee to make their offers more attractive. Premium content, which takes up more bandwidth, could then be charged separately.

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