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Mobile Web Access Starting To Attract Consumers: OPA

Among the more than three-quarters of all consumers in the U.S. and Western Europe with access to the web on their mobile device, one-third say they would watch advertising in exchange for free mobile content, according to a study called ?Going Mobile? from the Online Publishers Association.

OPA?s interpretation: that suggests the greater viability of ad-supported content on mobile devices, though the figures also indicate that it?s still a bit early for most consumers. For example, OPA found that nearly one-in-ten consumers actually made a purchase based on a mobile web ad. Other promising, but not overwhelming stats, put consumers? mobile activity in context: 23 percent said they?ve sought out a website on a mobile device; 13 percent have requested more information about a product or service through a mobile-accessed site; and 11 percent said they would go to a store to check out a product because of an ad they saw on their portable device. The OPA study is based on 6,000 interviews conducted in the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, Spain and Germany. TNS Media and Entertainment partnered with OPA on the study.

So far, it seems that Europeans are slightly ahead of Americans when it comes to accepting mobile access to the web and ad-support to go with it:

-- Among those with mobile access, the U.K. leads in usage (54 percent), followed by the U.S. and Italy, both at 41 percent.

-- 18 percent internationally expect to spend more time in 2007 on the mobile web ? the U.S. leads the way with 25 percent, trailed slightly by Italy (22 percent) and the U.K. (20 percent).

-- 41 percent of those without mobile web access expect to have it on their next mobile device.

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