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Alas, it isn't the version everyone has been waiting for, for the past ten years, although for fans of the man with eternal patience there is some solace. . Mobile games developer Ojom has brought Duke Nukem to your mobile in his latest (although not in that way) adventure yet. ALIENS ARE INVADING your cell phone who ya gonna call: DUKE NUKEM! The king of action heroes, DUKE NUKEM is bringing his kick-butt style of alien extermination to the world of cell phones. One man versus 1000 aliens: it's hardly fair! But don't expect Duke to show pity as he blasts each one into quivering goo. DUKE NUKEM Mobile kicks off with the first episode of a trilogy, containing up to 15 levels of non-stop action (depending on handset), numerous weapons and power-ups, and multiple locations. DUKE NUKEM first appeared in 1991 and has become one of the game industry's top franchises, with nearly $200 million in total worldwide sales across multiple platforms.

Other Common News:
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2) Sona Mobile Submits Its Wireless Gaming Platform to Gaming Laboratories International for Certification
3) Echostar is to acquire Sling Media
4) PatientKeeper Replaces Incumbent Mobile Application Vendor at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center
5) Quickoffice(R) 4.0 Demonstrated at Symbian Show

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