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Mobile Mapping Goes Local ? and FREE

In the book ?Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy? by Douglas Adams, the main character, Arthur Dent, came into possession of a device that told him everything there was to know about how to get to a place and then everything about that place one he got there. This is the best way to describe this amazing new software for cell phones and mobile devices.

It?s like carrying the yellow pages for every city in North America in your pocket. Mobile mapping has finally come of age with the logical integration of maps, local search and points of interest rolled into one, compliments of iMapia.com. The software uses start and end locations to find locations on the map, just like other mapping applications, but there?s a lot more than just pan and zoom here. The high resolution graphics display the maximum image quality that a cell phone or mobile device is capable of.

The file sizes are much smaller, therefore, everything works much faster than conventional mapping software. Zoom into the area you want, get there and select ?menu? and find out what is available in the area in the way of restaurants, parking, banking and more.

What could be more fun? How about sharing the information with other mobile users in your contact list.

Cell phone costs are at least 90 percent less than other mobile mapping services.

A trip to the country can be a problem for some mobile mapping services due to lost signal. With iMapia, data can be downloaded once before leaving and used whenever it is needed at your destination.

The future of iMapia is true local search.

This is the killer application that mobile has been waiting for. Let?s say a person has to go to the next town to do business. Now, he or she can punch in the location, get directions, select menu and find out what is available in the area he or she will be in. Where will they eat lunch? Where will they stay overnight? Where will they find something to do all evening instead of sitting around in the hotel room? Now people have a way to find their way around like a local resident. Hmmm, local search ? get around like a local resident .. Of course, that is what local search was meant to be. And people don?t need any special equipment, just a cell phone or other mobile device. This is a truly useful mobile application for business travel or just for fun. Your very own personal Guide to the Galaxy ? er, North America. You have to start somewhere. http://www.imapia.com

About iMapia.com:

iMapia is free, downloadable, mobile mapping software developed by Tinyview Wireless Media Inc. The company is laser focused on providing state-of-the-art mobile solutions to consumers and businesses. Tinyview is constantly adding new features to iMapia to satisfy consumers? mobile business, information and entertainment needs. iMapia costs at least 90 percent less for mobile data usage compared to other mobile mapping solutions.

Coming Soon: LocateMe for GPS Enabled Cell Phones and Bluetooth Devices. Get your exact location and transmit it to your friends or to emergency services.

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