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Mobile Games ? Disney on Opportunities and Limitations

From the Games & Mobile Forum: The panel on the State of the Mobile Games Industry panel discussed the huge opportunities for game developers that exist on a mobile platform, but also the continued limitations of shelf-space on the major carriers decks as well as the low awareness of mobile game products.

?The only way to make money (on developing mobile games) right now is to get this mega super hit ?, says Stan Liu, VP, Mobile Content Development, The Walt Disney Internet Group.

Stan Liu showed a preview of the new Pirates of the Caribbean Game that is released in conjunction to the third installation of the mega-hit movie. He also showed the slide above that shows how mobile is now one of the cornerstones of Disney connected, networked media (mDisney being the studio that creates the mobile content, Disney Mobile is the cell phone service).

?Our focus is just coming up with a good game. We have a good brand behind to support and market it?, he said.

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