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Mobile Application Developer Blinkcorp Introduces SMS Broadcasting Service

Blinkcorp, a technology pioneer in the development of Web and mobile applications, has deployed its latest SMS software service offering.

Indianapolis, IN May 31, 2007 ? Blinkcorp, a technology pioneer in the development of Web and mobile applications, has deployed its latest SMS software service offering. The new Web site, www.blink.to, will put a fresh, new spin on existing SMS technology, said Blinkcorp CEO Ben McFarlin.

?Traditionally, SMS has been used to share information between two parties. Simply called Blink, the application will allow subscribers to receive messages from multiple content providers via SMS,? McFarlin said. ?Subscribers will be in complete control of the process; they will manage their own subscriptions, delivery schedules and will also be able to become content providers. Content providers will be assured that their broadcast reaches only those who are interested, as there will be 100 percent user opt-in participation. The broadcast community will be an ideal place to get information on virtually everything, including events, celebrities, and department store sales. There will be something for everyone.?

In addition to Web and mobile applications, Blinkcorp specializes in systems integration solutions using Microsoft BizTalk Server and .Net technology. With over a decade of experience, Blinkcorp has consistently produced software of the highest caliber for companies of all sizes.

McFarlin, the dynamic force behind Blinkcorp, is a visionary in the field of software development. He has predicted many trends in the industry and has used his keen foresight to implement some of the most cutting-edge systems integration solutions in the marketplace today.

A few of the companies that have benefited from the services and software that Blinkcorp provides include Eli Lilly and Company, Verizon Data Services and Royal Caribbean International. Blinkcorp stands poised to bring its innovative ideas not just to the world of big business, but also to the everyday, individual consumer with his new SMS technology, McFarlin said.

?Mobile phone technology is the newest medium in information dissemination, communication, and entertainment in modern society,? he said. ?As of 2005, there were an estimated 2.14 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide. By the year 2010, it is projected that 90 percent of the world's population will have cell phone coverage.?

This technology evolution will bring many changes in the way people communicate, McFarlin said.

?In the same way that computers and the Internet have brought together people from all over the globe to form online communities, Blink stands ready to provide users with that same sense of global connectedness,? McFarlin said. ?Imagine a place where gamers can share tips and tricks, stay-at-home moms can exchange helpful hints, and fashionistas can find out about the next big sale. That place no longer has to be behind a PC or laptop, but it can be closer and more accessible than you might think. Blink is going to put it right in the palm of your hand.?

About Blinkcorp

Blinkcorp is a technology pioneer in the development of Web and mobile applications, and the company recently announced its latest SMS software service offering. For more information on the new software, check out www.blink.to, and for more information on the company, go to www.blinkcorp.com.

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Ben McFarlin

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