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Mobidia to Demo ''CUBuddy'' Mobile Handset Application at CTIA Wireless 2007

Mobidia Technology, Inc.:

WHO: Mobidia Technology, a mobile content performance management company, will demonstrate its CUBuddy(TM) mobile handset application at CTIA Wireless 2007 in Orlando, Florida.

WHAT: Mobidia's CUBuddy mobile application allows individuals to share live experiences with up to four friends simultaneously. CUBuddy lets users see and hear what their peers are seeing and hearing as it happens. The application is peer-to-peer in the most literal sense - users do not log on to a network site, and they can initiate a live, mobile, video transaction with technologies already on their mobile handsets.

CUBuddy lets carriers address the demand for user-generated content and social networking on wireless devices, and allows them to monetize this content. Carriers do not have to deploy any new hardware or network resources to support the service - CUBuddy works on today's mobile phones and today's networks.

Join Mobidia for a presentation and hands-on demonstration of the CUBuddy application on CTIA Wireless 2007's show floor in meeting room MR-313.

CTIA Wireless is the world's largest technology event dedicated exclusively to wireless, broadband convergence, and mobile computing technologies, covering the entire industry, including network infrastructure, microprocessors, applications, content, and end-user hardware.

For additional information and to register for CTIA Wireless 2007, please visit: http://registration.expoexchange.com/ShowCTI071/.

WHEN & WHERE: CTIA Wireless 2007 March 27 - 29, 2007 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida

Mobidia will demonstrate CUBuddy in meeting room MR-313.

About Mobidia, Inc.

Mobidia, Inc., which is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, develops and sells a multimedia services solution that provides a better customer experience by managing service performance so the network operates better and provides the right level of service to every application. By improving multimedia service, Mobidia makes it faster and easier to share user-generated content such as photos, facilitates social networking, and enables the best use of multi-service phones. More information is available at www.mobidia.com.

Mobidia Technology, Inc., is a service mark of Mobidia Technology, Inc.

For all other inquiries about Mobidia Technology, Inc., please call (604) 304-8640 , fax (604) 304-8447, or email via info@mobidia.com.

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