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Microsofts Live Anywhere Supported by BREW

QUALCOMM Incorporated announced that it would extend Microsoft?s ?Live Anywhere? vision onto the BREW platform. This collaboration supports Microsoft?s recent commitment to provide a unified gaming universe spanning multiple devices and platforms, currently including MSN Games, Xbox Live ? including Xbox Live Arcade, MSN Messenger, Windows Operating System and soon to mobile devices.

Announced by Bill Gates at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft?s ?Live Anywhere? vision puts consumers at the center of an always-on world where games, digital entertainment and friends are always accessible through a consistent gaming interface ? regardless if the game is being played on the Xbox 360, on MSN Games, on a BREW handset or on other platforms and devices. Mobile devices will play a fundamental role in Microsoft?s vision, not only as a gaming device, but also as a platform for its gaming communities to communicate and interact.

As one of the leading platforms for mobile gaming, QUALCOMM?s BREW solution will play a critical role in this initiative. It supports the latest mobile handsets operating on high-speed networks that allow for the download of graphically impressive, high-performance 2D and 3D games, and it provides a proven global revenue-generating ecosystem for publishers and developers. Microsoft?s ?Live Anywhere? vision will be brought to life for the multitudes of mobile gamers on BREW handsets by leveraging the power of QUALCOMM?s uiOne? and deliveryOne? technologies, and by working with the key players in the global wireless value chain that support BREW ? consisting of operators, handset manufacturers, publishers and developers.

?Mobile is a proven and compelling gaming platform and a natural extension of our vision for a seamless and unified gaming experience for our game players of all skill levels and across all platforms,? said Chris Early, studio manager, Microsoft Casual Games. ?We?re excited to work with QUALCOMM to extend the Live Anywhere vision onto the BREW gaming platform ? helping to provide on-the-go access for our gaming communities at anytime, anywhere.?

?QUALCOMM has long been an evangelist of the value of cross-platform design in games, so it?s great to see Microsoft, the company behind powerful game platforms and popular game content, articulate their vision for cross-platform gaming and focus on the key role mobile devices play,? said Bob Briggs, senior vice president and general manager of BREW for QUALCOMM Internet Services. ?Microsoft is once again demonstrating their leadership in the games industry by helping to elevate interactive entertainment to the next level ? and we?re happy to be a part of it.

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