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Lost Mobile Game Launched

Just in time for the start of the new episodes on ABC, Gameloft has launched Lost for mobile phones. The adventure game puts you in the role of the survivors as they discover the mysteries of the island and figure out why that damn foot is missing a toe. Here's the full press release for all the info:

Gameloft, a leading publisher and developer of video games for mobile phones, is announcing today the launch of LOST(tm), the official mobile game of ABC/Touchstone Television's award-winning television series. Developed in close collaboration with the show's producers, the game is sure to pick up instant success by connecting with its massive amount of loyal fans.

"Adapting the world of LOST into a mobile game is a key franchise priority," said Bruce Gersh, senior vice president, business development, ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Television. "Working together with Gameloft and the LOST producers, we have created a game full of action and entertainment that will appeal to fans of the show, as well as casual and hard core gamers."

"LOST is a phenomenon and comes with a passionate fan base," said Gonzague de Vallois, Gameloft's Vice President of Publishing. "We are confident this game will pave the way for future mobile games with high-production values. It has real mass market appeal and even people who haven't yet discovered the show will enjoy this gameplay."

In time for the show's highly-anticipated February 7th return, Gameloft has created a diverse action/adventure game aimed at bringing drama and suspense to anyone with access to a cell phone. Gamers will play Jack and relive the show's most pivotal moments: experience the plane crash, open the hatch and meet the notorious Others. Gameplay includes various challenges such as hunting for food, tending to the wounded and searching for dynamite. Players can also interact with the rest of the show's ensemble cast including Kate, Locke, Sayid and Sawyer. With genuine character likenesses and authentic locations replicated from the show's set, gamers will feel as though they are deep in the belly of the island.

The LOST mobile game is available through 170 telecom operators, 150 partners, in 75 countries. It has been adapted to 800 different cell phone models.

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