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Line Rider Going Mobile

You know it had to happen. As game that is as fun as it is simple can't help but get sucked up by a mobile game developer.

J2me developers

Today in-Fusion announced that they landed an agreement to developer and distribute a mobile version of Line Rider. Line Rider Mobile will let you create and run tracks on your phone and then instantly share them with other mobile gamers. You will also be able to upload your tracks to the official Line Rider site where they can mingle with tracks created on the PC, Wii and DS versions of the game.

While execs at in-Fusion are enthusing over the game's "perfect fit" for the mobile market, I'm not quite sure if I see that. The chief problem will be actually creating the tracks. Are you going to have to use the keypad? (I can't think of any other way.) If so it's going to be about as fun as Etch-A-Sketch on a phone. As in suck. Brian Crecente

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