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Leadtek Introduces WinFast Mobile Video Express

Leadtek Research Inc., a provider of multimedia technology, has introduced the WinFast Mobile Video Express (WinFast MoViE) software pack that includes both WinFast digital and WinFast analog product lines.

The WinFast MoViE pack consists of Orb software and 3D Album iPod and PSP Video Converter that makes possible TV/video viewing anywhere and everywhere.

With the Orb application, a user can now stream photos, music, videos and live TV through any Internet-connected device such as a mobile phone, PDA, laptop or any other computer. After setting up the Orb application software for a WinFast digital or WinFast analog series product, the home PC, so long as it's switched on, acts like a personal broadcast station and allows users to watch TV the world over through the Internet.

3D Album iPod and PSP Converter enables a PC to extend and enhance the use of mobile devices such as iPod and PSP. The user can easily convert a downloaded TV program into iPod/PSP video format and watch it on the go. The 3D album creator lets users create a personal 3D album and share it with others through an iPod and PSP.

Leadtek said that with the WinFast MoViE pack and its added functionality, the company is dramatically increasing the value of its products and fast moving TV viewing from home onto the road.

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