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Leading Step? Introduces Grammar Games: Constructor?, an Educational Game for Palm OS Handhelds

Dallas, TX -- A constant struggle for parents and educators is finding innovative ways to improve grammar skills among K-12 students. Now, with the release of Constructor, the first product in the Grammar Games series from Leading Step, Inc., students can have fun while learning all about nouns, verbs, objects, clauses and phrases while improving their ability to identify the parts of a sentence. With Constructor installed on a Palm OS? handheld device, they will learn to recognize and identify various parts of speech in standard English.

Constructor is being introduced today at the T+L Conference in Dallas, Texas.

?Constructor takes a vital element of Language Arts and makes it fun and engaging,? said Eric Johnson, general manager for education at Palm, Inc. ?It?s a practical learning tool and a valuable addition to the growing number of curriculum solutions available for Palm? handhelds.?

Constructor, played on any Palm OS device, provides a fun and low-cost means of improving grammar skills. The game contains hundreds of sentence structures that, depending on the game controls, can generate millions of unique sentences on which students can practice their grammar knowledge. Since it is highly unlikely that a player will ever encounter the same sentence twice, students must answer the questions based on the grammar they have learned, not on their memory of having answered that question before.

Since understanding parts of a sentence is like putting together pieces of a puzzle, Constructor is based on a puzzle game format in which students answer grammar questions to identify the pieces of a sentence and, with each correct answer, they win a puzzle piece. Once they have won enough puzzle pieces, they earn the opportunity to use those pieces to solve a puzzle. The puzzle in each round gets a bit more challenging, and a student must be able to complete fifteen rounds to become a ?Grammar Guru.?

?Our learning programs with low-cost PDAs provide educators and parents alike a great tool for both enhancing grammar, math, geometry and spelling skills and offering increased access to computers, which helps to meet the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act,? said Renee Revis, president of Leading Step, Inc. ?Constructor offers an entertaining way for kids to improve their understanding of the English language while teachers can gauge their progress.?

Grammar Games: Constructor is available for $14.95 from www.leadingstep.com. Other Leading Step products include Shape Up: Geometry, Size it Up, MathChamp and SpellChamp.

About Leading Step, Inc.

Leading Step, Inc., creates fun, educational Palm OS software games for children from grades K-12 to help them improve their skills in the areas of grammar, spelling, geometry and math. The games are played on Palm OS handhelds, which provide parents and teachers a low-cost means of increasing access to computers and learning software among children. Leading Step?s games are played by children throughout the entire world. For more information, visit the company?s Web site at www.leadingstep.com. Schools can also find helpful information at Leading Step?s Web site regarding state standards that each of the company?s applications will help teachers to meet which can be used for grant-writing purposes.

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