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Konami Mobile at E3

Konami Digital Entertainment announced its mobile game lineup at the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), in Los Angeles. Featuring games across all genres, Konami continues to expand its offering of mobile titles. From acclaimed franchise like Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution and Winning Eleven to classic arcade games like Scramble and Track and Field, Konami offers something for every type of consumer on the go.

Below is additional information on Konami?s 2006 mobile game lineup:


Join Hellboy in his first mobile adventure as he sets a course to the Isle of Skye to investigate strange readings from satellites of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Taking the adventure of his life, he discovers a demon infested hidden labyrinth in the corridors and dungeons that lead deep into the center of the earth.

Silent Hill

Do you feel like someone is watching you without you knowing? The dark, foggy, decaying environments come to life for mobile phones as a unique story unfolds to reveal one of the most frightening games of all time. From the creators of the original smash hit for the video game console, comes Silent Hill for mobile phones.

Frogger 25th:

In honor of Frogger?s 25th anniversary, this specially developed game will take players through the evolution of the character, from classic arcade trendsetter to console gaming hero.

Dance Dance Revolution 3D by Konami

DDR mobile reproduces the tunes and atmosphere of the hit arcade version. Watch the screen, as the arrows rise to the top; as they match, press on the corresponding key. Watch the screen carefully to determine which keys to press to the beat of the music. Tricky finger work is a must to get the high score in this game.

Winning Eleven Mobile

One of the most popular soccer titles in the world is now available for mobile phones. The game uses actual team and player names as well as manages real player data. Players choose their favorite team and make a run for the International Cup. The toughest players take it all.

Time Pilot

The classic arcade hit, Time Pilot?, has returned and now on mobile phones with all the 80?s fun which retro gamers remember. This classic shooter brings back the same sleek jet as players travel through multiple time eras shooting different aircraft. Win all of the dog fights to face the epic mother-ship.

Track and Field

On your marks, get set, GO! The original Konami arcade hit, Track and Field, is now available for mobile phones. This classic sports title has five events in one game including Javelin, Long Jump, Skeet Shooting, 100m Dash, and High Jump. Players test their speed and ability against top athletes.


Scramble was a hit in the 80?s as the first side-scrolling shooter of its time. Now, it?s making history again as the game returns to mobile. Scramble is packed with 16 stages, including the original first launch. Using bombs efficiently and effectively will advance players through this futuristic world.

Tuck N? Roll

The concept is simple but the gameplay is addictive: get Rollo to the exit by clearing matching sets of blocks. The puzzle is in choosing which blocks to clear and in what order, since Rollo only moves when the puzzle changes. Gravity drops Rollo as blocks fall out from under him, and the whole puzzle settles around him. The game includes gorgeous graphics, three different modes of difficulty, and a bouncy and vibrant animated user interface.


Rollo is back and he?s got a whole new set of puzzles to solve. Join him in this exciting adventure as Rollo navigates his way through the 70 different levels.


Weave magic words to save the kingdom! Spellagories combines immersive fantasy with classic puzzles to provide a fresh twist for word game fans. Engage in the mystical story or play the untimed and arcade versions for hours of enjoyment. Players can choose 3 difficulty settings and have use of an extensive dictionary.


With every click of the keys, the empire grows stronger. Players must spend their turns wisely, and when the barbarians come -- players must conquer them and reunite their kingdom. Will the empire stand the test of time? Players must claim their destiny and uncover the mystery that lies at the heart of Oasis.

Egg vs. Chicken

Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Find out in this eggsterically funny action puzzler! Players cluster their eggs into same-color groups and launch them against ruthless roosters and marauding hens! Players must repel 11 different types of chicken hordes before they get the opportunity to enter the egg fort. Gather resources, bonus points, and energy eggs in a quest for the riddle?s long lost answer.

Subway Scramble

Subway Scramble puts players in the driver?s seat as they guide trains thru various turns and twists in this exciting puzzle game. Decide on two different types of gameplay ? Around the World or Rush Hour. Take on more than 40 exciting and fast-paced levels and unlock great rewards.

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