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Kielikone launches mobile dictionary for S60 version 3.0

Electronic dictionary publisher Kielikone Ltd launched MOT Mobile, enterprise grade dictionary software, on the S60 Platform at MobileMonday Global in Helsinki. The dictionaries for Symbian mobile phones are coming out in twin versions, both the existing 2.8 version of S60 and the new 3.0 version. The versions are not binary or backwards compatible.

MOT Mobile incorporates high-quality dictionaries into one user interface. At present Kielikone offers nearly 50 different dictionaries for mobile devices. The range of dictionaries includes comprehensive general dictionaries, technical and commercial dictionaries as well as specialist dictionaries and terminologies from various dictionary publishers. Customers? own terminologies can also be used in MOT Mobile.

Kielikone has been a member of the Forum Nokia Enterprise Zone since December 2005. Enterprise Zone promotes application and solution development for Nokia Series 80 and S60 based business range devices.

Kielikone?s MOT Mobile is specially designed for business users. It is now available for Nokia phones such as E60, E61 and E70 that are based on S60 v3.0. Eiarli the company produced Series80 versions for Nokia Communicators.

MOT Mobile dictionaries vary in size from about 2 MB to over 20 MB.

?The size of a mobile dictionary is not a problem since business phones have storage capacity up to several gigabytes, said Kielikone?s managing director Arto Leinonen.

Kielikone Ltd develops technology and markets dictionaries from several international publishers.

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