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IPoint-media Enters Deal With Messaging Provider To Develop Pc2mobile Solution For 2 Asian Mobile Operators - Update

Tuesday, before the bell, iPoint-media plc, a provider of Broadband 3G/IP video interactive application platforms, revealed that it has signed an agreement with a messaging provider to develop a 'pc2mobile' solution for two Asian mobile operators. The company said that the deal has a value significantly in excess of a hundred thousand dollars with a portion to be paid up front.

iPoint-media noted that the new solution would enable the Asian operators to increase revenues while offering their subscribers converged voice and video calls from their PCs or mobile telephones, supported by a range of value added voice and video call services.

According to iPoint-media, the new pc2mobile solution would allow PC to mobile, mobile to PC and PC to PC voice and video calls along with value added services, such as 'follow me', which would offer subscribers the ability to receive calls and messages at either their mobile phone or PC, and voice and video messaging services.

The company added that the messaging services would ensure call completion by allowing PC and mobile users to record and forward messages to other PCs or mobile phones when their calls cannot be connected. Further, the services would permit non-3G handsets to receive video messages via MMS.

The new pc2mobile solutions are based largely on existing iPoint technology, including its firewall traversal technology, which enables voice and video communication to PCs even when a firewall is present, along with its 3G/IP calling technology, the company indicated.

Muki Geller, Chief Executive of iPoint commented, "iPoint's considerable experience in deploying Internet and mobile communications solutions, along with our unique 3G/IP technology, offers us the opportunity to become a significant player in this emerging and growing market."

Deployment for the two initial customers is planned for the second quarter of 2007. Looking forward, the company said it aims to make the solution available to other mobile and fix line operators at the same time.

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