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INSIDE Contactless teams with Mobile Distillery for NFC development

INSIDE Contactless is partnering with Mobile Distillery, a Java software specialist, to design a software solution for the development of portable near field communication/Java mobile applications spanning multiple NFC phones.

WIMA NFC Developers Summit, Monaco ? INSIDE Contactless, a leading provider of advanced, open standard contactless chip technologies, and leader in NFC technology, announced its partnership with Mobile Distillery, a specialist java mobile porting software company, to develop an interoperable Java ME solution for NFC developers.

INSIDE and Mobile Distillery's partnership project aims to design a software solution for the development of portable NFC/Java Mobile Applications across multiple NFC phones. Based on Mobile Distillery's Celsius architecture, the solution is dedicated to Mobile Software developers who will need to cope with multiple implementations of NFC technologies, which adds yet another complexity to the development of Java ME applications across multiple handsets.

By using the new, NFC Celsius module, the developer will work on the NFC/Java ME application once, and run it across all NFC phones without any further modifications. Accelerated time-to-market, reduction of costs and an easy transfer to upcoming NFC phones will be the great advantages of NFC Celsius module, which will enable easier and faster adoption of NFC technology.

The partnership is divided into two phases: firstly in the short term ?the two companies will be developing a Celsius NFC prototype within the Q3 2007 timeframe. The second step, planned for Q1 2008, will consist of the joint development of NFC Celsius module, a complete set of Java ME NFC tools covering the commercially available NFC handsets and ones for the near future.

"The NFC Developers Summit shows that there are great expectations from developers, content and service providers to supply mobile users with innovative applications based on NFC. As a reference mobile execution platform, Java ME enjoyed a tremendous success over the past 5 years, it is widely recognized by the mobile developers community, but it also undergoes an irresistible trend to fragmentation, with significantly different implementations in handsets from various vendors. As an NFC pioneer and market leader, INSIDE believes that interoperability is a key success factor in delivering NFC-based services. We have a role to play and the proper expertise to bring the full benefits of the NFC standard to the NFC developers community." comments Philippe Martineau, INSIDE's EVP of the NFC Business Line.

"We are very pleased to partner with a leading NFC company such as INSIDE Contactless. By combining both leading edge expertise, a typical mobile application developer won't have to adapt his application weekly to cover Europe and the US, since one new NFC phone is expected every week in 2008." Said, Vincent Berge, Co-Founder & general manager, Mobile Distillery. " With this turn-key Celsius NFC solution, mobile developers will focus on their added value, while accessing a new range of mobile applications in a few clicks " .

During the summit, INSIDE Contactless spokespeople will be available on booth A7 and Tim Baker, INSIDE's Advanced Marketing Director will be giving a panorama of NFC-related execution environments, "The driving forces in handset architecture", on Wednesday, April 18th at 2:30 p.m. On the same day at 4:30 p.m., Vincent Berge will speak about "Developing NFC application across multiple handsets".

About INSIDE Contactless

Founded in 1995, INSIDE is headquartered in France and with global presence in China, Singapore, Poland and the USA. INSIDE is uniquely positioned as the only fabless semiconductor company solely dedicated to the advancement of contactless technology, leveraging one of the industry's largest intellectual property portfolios. Through strategic emphasis in Contactless Payments and Near Field Communications (NFC), INSIDE has been on a rapid growth track over the past two years with more than 15M chips delivered for contactless payment cards in the US market and a dominant position in driving NFC standardization and pilot deployments. For more information, www.insidecontactless.com.

About Mobile Distillery and Celsius

Specialised in mobile Java and Brew technologies, Mobile Distillery develops and sells a software solution suite, called Celsius, enabling the optimisation and porting of mobile Java applications across more than 550 (April 2007) Java handsets in just a few clicks. These solutions radically simplify and optimise applications development processes, reduce porting cycles whilst generating cost savings, and accelerating time-to-market. For more information, please visit, www.mobile-distillery.com.

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