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Hit the gridiron with Madden NFL 07 mobile game

There may have been a significant amount of buzz surrounding the Nintendo Wii over at E3 a little while back, and a good part of that attention was thrown over at the innovative gameplay offered by Madden NFL 2007. The EA Sports football franchise has been huge since the mid-90s and is continuing to pick up cross-platform steam. This year, you'll be able to enjoy the joys of quarterback sneaks and head-jarring sacks with the Madden NFL 07 mobile game.

The release is still a ways off, so very little is known about the mobile version of the popular pigskin game, but they are promising a full licensed offering, just like on the full-blown home gaming machines, so you'll get the real teams, real jerseys, and real players. You won't have to suffer through boring top-down graphics, because the 11-on-11 player action will be in full glorious 3D.

Expect Madden NFL 07 for mobile phones to drop around the same time as the other Maddens some time in August.

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