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Hands-On Breaks Record

The Launch of Heroes Lore Zero by Hands-On breaks all the Sales Record before this in South Korea.The Game Has Sell 200 times in the week following the launch. In other Territories the impact of the mobile game shows an clear Forecast of Success,as one of the Korean Carriers had a network crash due to the number of Simultaneous downloads when the mobile game came available.This Mobile Game was the most popular on Naver,South Koreas Leading search engine. ?Every installment of the Heroes Lore series has enjoyed an incredibly successful launch, and we?re delighted that Heroes Lore Zero has enjoyed the most successful launch yet, ? said Eric Hobson, President and General Manager Hands-On Mobile, EMEA & SE Asia. ?We are looking forward to transferring that success outside of Korea when we launch Heroes Lore later this year.?

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