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Guppy Games to TeamUp With Large Animal Games and Girls Inc. to Bring Award-Winning PC Game to Mobile!

Guppy Games, award winning publisher and developer of mobile games, is pleased to announce the international mobile debut of Girls Inc. TeamUp, an innovative puzzle/strategy game designed especially for players new to mobile games and young female gamers.

Based on the award winning PC game by Large Animal Games and Girls Inc., a non-profit youth organization, Girls Inc. TeamUp is a strategy game with over 50 puzzling levels. There are three girl characters in the game, each with her own special ability. The player helps this team of girls work together to find the exit and solve each level. Players can also pick up treasures along the way to unlock a secret surprise, and design their own puzzles to share with other players in our game community!

In addition to the puzzle mode, Girls Inc. TeamUp features a design-a-level mode and the ability to exchange levels with other players through our networked community of mobile game players. The mobile version of Girls Inc. TeamUp is jointly developed by Guppy Games and ZIO Interactive, high profile mobile and pocket PC developer.

"Girls Inc. TeamUp is the perfect title to bring to mobile with its positive message and emphasis on community and cooperation. We think that players will really enjoy the ability to create and share new stages with their friends," said Alex Choe, CEO and president of Guppy Games.

Girls Inc. TeamUp will launch this summer on major carriers in the US and worldwide. Check the Guppy Games website ( for availability on your phone and your carrier.

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