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GrubIQ(TM) Launched as New, Free Service Enabling Easy Access to Nutrition Data From Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

Patent-Pending GrubScore(TM) Metric Provides New Way to Easily Compare Food Nutrient Content

NEVADA CITY, Calif.--Today, mobile application innovator WHDC LLC launched a free, comprehensive nutrition fact finder for cell phones, PDAs and all mobile devices with Internet (WAP) connections.

"We are ecstatic to launch our innovative GrubIQ service that enables quick and easy access to food facts when and where people really need the data -- while they are buying or eating food products," said Lisa Hull, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing for GrubIQ.com. She added, "No longer must people be tethered to their computer to find nutritional data, nor limited to what they read on the side of a box at the grocery store. GrubIQ increases one's knowledge about food, which is key to making informed, healthy eating decisions."

GrubIQ (grubiq.com) is an Internet-based service accessible from mobile devices and does not require any software to be installed on the mobile device -- only an Internet plan is required. And in addition to commonly used nutrient information (protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc.), GrubIQ provides the details of up to 88 nutrients, including trans fats, amino acids, and sugars for over 7800 food products.

The GrubIQ.com website, accessible from traditional computer browsers, includes valuable features such as:

? The GrubScore(TM), a relative analysis of a food's nutrient composition compared to all other foods
? Single-click sorting of all foods by any of 88 nutrients
? The GrubStore(TM) enables users to send selected foods to a cell phone for easy recall while shopping
? Smart search capabilities to facilitate proper matches on food terms without users having to know specific food nomenclature
? Automatic food comparison feature
? Nutrient definitions and information accessible with a single-click on all food analysis pages
? Hourly newsfeed and daily email containing the latest nutrition news

"Having nutrition data at your fingertips is valuable for people who are health conscious or have special dietary needs. Whether you are dining at a restaurant, grocery shopping, or enjoying coffee at your favorite cafe, GrubIQ offers the unique ability to make spontaneous, informed eating decisions," said nutritionist and feeding specialist, Kathy Sheffield, RD, MFTI. She added, "Compared to other online nutrition sources, GrubIQ is easier to use and offers more valuable features."

The GrubScore is a new metric that compares the quantity of a specific nutrient in a food product to the quantity of the same nutrient from all foods in the database. The resulting percentile indicates whether a given food product contains a large or small amount of a nutrient, compared to all known foods with similarly measured nutrient content. By using the GrubScore, individuals can easily determine how efficient their consumption of a specific nutrient is from a specific food source.

Kathy Sheffield added, "The GrubScore is an inventive and novel feature that simplifies the task of finding food products high or low in specific nutrients. For example, a consumer may read an article about the benefits of lycopene, or monounsaturated fats, and then check the GrubScore on their cell phone while at the store and view the food's relative density for the specific nutrient."

Data sources include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service 2006, Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 19, public domain data for nationwide chains and franchises, as well as data from package nutrition labels.

Lisa Hull concluded, "Our enthusiasm is buoyed by the results of a recent survey conducted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that shows the vast majority of people are interested in dietary changes to improve their health."

About GrubIQ

GrubIQ is operated and invented by WHDC LLC, a privately held company specializing in unique, distributed mobile applications. The company has four patents pending relating to mobile imaging, telephony, and nutrition. The company also operates the first alternative fuel locator accessible by mobile devices (www.NearBio.com) and the first service that turns a camera phone into a webcam (www.What-Happened.com). GrubIQ, GrubSmart, GrubScore, and the GrubIQ logo are trademarks of WHDC LLC. The GrubScore methodology is patent-pending.


PCRM Survey Results: http://www.pcrm.org/news/release070201.html

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