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Greystripe Teams up with Game Developer Alten8

Mobile in-game advertising company Greystripe has partnered with game developer Alten8 to bring 38 more mobile games to Greystripe?s mobile game portal, GameJump.com. Each game will use Greystripe?s AdWRAP for Publishers platform, which provides ?wraps? each game in branded advertising. Because they?re ad-supported, the games downloaded from GameJump.com are free for users.

?Our alliance with Alten8 is a great addition to the game collection and is keeping the site fresh and exciting,? said Greystripe CEO Michael Chang in a statement. ?With so many games available, there?s simply no reason for consumers to continue paying to play games on their mobile, when they?ll find a wide variety of titles for all ages at GameJump.com. Since our launch, we?re seeing thousands of new consumers every day just say ?no? to paying for games.?

The 38 titles include action adventure, retro, casino, puzzle and sports games. Greystripe will also be distributing them through gjmp.tw, a version of GameJump designed specifically for viewing on mobile phones.

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