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Gresham adds mobile banking to Clareti Connect

Gresham Computing, the real-time financial solutions specialist, today announced the enhancement of its Clareti Connect product suite to include mobile banking.

The new module enables banks to securely deliver account and marketing information in real-time directly to their customers' mobile devices. In addition to creating a new channel for banks to service their customers, the solution also offers real-time transaction alerts to help prevent transaction fraud.

Unlike other mobile banking offerings that utilise NFC, SMS or WAP pages, Gresham has created a dedicated application designed specifically for mobile devices. The secure application enables banks to provide retail customers with a feature rich mobile banking service. Customers can set alerts for warnings about balance thresholds or notifications of approved pin and customer-not-present transactions. Instant messaging can also be configured to enable the bank's customer service team to liaise with customers when voice communication may not be appropriate, such as in crowded or noisy environments.

By providing real-time alerts about card transactions from a customer's accounts, Clareti Connect mobile banking offers protection from fraud. Suspicious transactions can be detected early and prompt action taken to substantially reduce the losses a bank incurs and minimise customer inconvenience.

Banks can also generate additional revenue opportunities by using the mobile banking infrastructure to offer selectively real-time loan and credit card facilities.

"Society has become more mobile and demand for access to consistent real-time information to carry out more sophisticated transactions while on the move has increased," said Robert Glenn, group sales and marketing director of Gresham Computing. "Clareti Connect mobile banking enables a fully featured mobile application to be accessed via mobile devices. This technology enables customers to easily access their accounts and receive up-to-the-minute information, no matter where they are. The marketing opportunities for banks are also huge with secure instant banking services now a possibility."

The mobille banking functionality is a feature of Gresham's Clareti Connect solution. Banks also have the option to tailor this solution to ensure they offer their customers a mobile banking service that is consistent with their strategy.

Gresham's Clareti Connect is an enterprise solution for data delivery that can be integrated with the bank's current e-banking initiatives and payments capabilities to support alerting, collaborative working tools, secure instant messaging, and Voice over IP to distribute real-time information to core business applications. By bringing together the right people with the right information, within a structured and integrated communications environment, Clareti Connect substantially increases the speed and ease with which businesses can execute collaborative business processes.

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