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GenMobi Technologies Offers a ?Kids Only? Mobile Social Platform

Do you know what k2kand t2t is? It is part of our Buzz? Mobile Social Platform (MSP), and it is ? kids talking to kids and teens talking to teens ? and is the only available technology that ensures the privacy of peer groups. This is the new social technology of GenMobi Technologies. While social networks allow communication with users of all ages, our users have the pleasure to be surrounded by only their peer groups. We provide the ecosystem, and make it possible for users to thrive without fear of being prey from other users ? in ANY way.

?We allow people to connect with only other kids in their peer group, and we do it in a positive and enriching way,? says GenMobi CEO Michael J. Schultz.

Because of our k2kand t2tfeatures, we show mobile operators how they can reach the fastest growing demographic (kids ages 5-17) and first-time mobile users, boost ARPU and turn a cost center into a revenue center. ?We want the public to expect great things from our new business model in the only kids-to-kids (k2k), and teens-to-teens (t2t) peer group, and we invite users and mobile operators to join the k2k and t2t mobile social platforms,? says Schultz.

Michael J. Schultz is an expert in children?s safety on mobile and the Internet, and the brainchild behind the patent-pending technologies of GenMobi. The ideas all germinated when Mr. Schultz was walking down the streets of Rio de Janeiro in 2004 and wanted to figure out a way to help the street children. Using his over 25 years of experience in wireless, technology, content and entertainment, Mr. Schultz knew he could create a mobile ecosystem that could help lift and expose children in content and entertainment beyond what they see on their streets and/or neighborhoods, and simultaneously protect them in cyberspace from harmful and illegal content, predators and cyber bullies.

GenMobi Technologies, Inc.

Genmobi Technologies,Inc. offers mobile solutions in three areas of specialization within the Buzz? Mobile Social Platform (MSP): CQR-ID? (age-and-identity verification), CoP? (Content Parser), and BAM? (Browser Active Massaging) ? individually available for licensing. Buzz? MSP offers social networking, communication, and personalization of the mobile phone with bulletproof age-and-identity verification for kids ages 5-17.

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