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Gamers rule in hand-eye coordination, but only in the context of games

Survey prompts thoughts on who has the best hand-eye coordination

There is a rather interesting poll going on over at The poll asks the question: Who do you think has the best hand-eye coordination? The choices were pilot, surgeon or hardcore gamer

At the time of this writing, the results (there was no reference to the amount of votes cast) gave a substantial edge to hardcore gamers. The margin was hardcore gamers 55%, pilots 33% and surgeons had 12% of the vote.

That is a little unsettling, when on truly thinks about it. The U.S. Air Force reported, a couple of decades back, that kids who played video to games were some of its top pilots because of their improved hand-eye coordination.

Hardcore gamers have reflexive recognition ? they see a situation and react immediately to it, regardless of the randomness of the situation. Are they as quick in recognizing and responding as a hardcore gamer? That?s a tough one to answer. Would I want a hardcore gamer operating on me? Not unless he or she had a ?Dr.? in front of their name, was a surgical resident at a noted/reputable hospital or my personal physician who was certified in surgical procedures.

If the person was nothing more than the Quake Arena national tourney champ, they would not be permitted anywhere near me with a scalpel.

?Uh, Mr. Lafferty, I know you are laying here hooked up to all these monitors, recovering from your operation ? bummer, dude! ? but I have some good news and some other news for you.?

*cough* ? *respirator noise* ? *gasp/wheeze* ? ?What?s the good news??

?The appendix operation was a complete success ??

*wheeze/gasp* ? ?And the other news ???

?Well ?? *stammer/fidget* ? ?there was a complication and I ended up removing several other organs. But it?s not my fault! I thought they were targeting me, so I zergged them!!

?I really just wanted to explain the bill before you see it.?

A plane ride, with someone experiencing FPS flashbacks would be ?interesting? as well.

?Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our cruising altitude of ?. STRAFE LEFT!!!!! LEFT!!! This joystick sucks!!!?

As much fun as the survey is, really comparing the different classes is akin to comparing apples and oranges. Sure, they have the commonality of being fruits, but each is different. Each of the professions require strong hand-eye coordination, but in different ways. The morale of this story? Never bring an FPS champ to operate in a surgical setting, and never bring a surgeon to an FPS ? well, unless it is a medic and you are playing SOCOM.

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