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Game makers' expo success

AUSTRALIAN companies are on the verge of signing deals to make major new electronic games in Australia, following meetings with the world's largest game manufacturers and publishers at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

The largest games event in the world hosted 60,000 industry professionals, including Adelaide mobile content provider Kukan and Brisbane-based Krome, which opened an Adelaide office earlier this year to cater for the former Ratbag games developers .

Australia's delegation - 145 executives from 42 companies - sought new investment, publishing, manufacturing and outsourcing deals to Australia.

"I'm confident there will be a couple of deals done," Games Developers Association of Australia (GDAA) president Evelyn Richardson said.

"Quite a few of the guys will stay in the U.S. after the show to close the deals."

The extent and details of the deals were still not clear, but Ms Richardson said she would have a better idea in a month.

At last year's E3 convention, Australian companies struck $35 million worth of deals.

"Nothing is certain until you've signed on the dotted line, but a lot of guys were coming back saying they had really good meetings," Ms Richardson said.

However, Australian game developers entered E3 with disappointing news, after the Federal Government in last week's Budget again snubbed pleas for tax incentives.

The GDAA argues incentives are crucial to attracting international games companies to invest in Australia, adding to the already $100 million a year industry in this country.

The GDAA wants the same incentives the Australian film industry receives.

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