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Game Publisher Eidos Acquires U.K.-based Rockpool Games

London - Video game publisher Eidos Interactive announced on Monday that it has acquired Rockpool Games, a U.K.-based developer of mobile and casual game titles.

Financial terms of the deal, which also included Rockpool's sister companies Ironstone Partners and SoGoPlay, were not disclosed.

Manchester, England-based Rockpool has developed mobile versions of titles including "Worms" and "MotoGP"; the company's Ironstone unit owns the rights to properties including "Top Trumps" and "Commodore."

"Rockpool brings us a rich pool of talent along with a proven ability to deliver high-quality projects," said Eidos new media and IT director, Simon Protheroe.

"In addition to their continued work on external projects, we look forward to bringing their experience and creativity to bear on some of our own titles over the coming months."

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