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GSM vs CDMA, The 3G Effect

The International Herald Tribune has an article on the GSM vs CDMA battle, although at the end it concludes that they?re basically equivalent. ?CDMA, for code division multiple access, seemed that it might fade into oblivion after losing the 2G battle to GSM. It has made a remarkable comeback with 3G, but questions about CDMA?s long-term viability are again surfacing now that GSM is making an aggressive move to 3G. CDMA has a 13 percent share of the cellphone market, compared with 16 percent in 2004, according to Wireless Intelligence, which is a research group based in London and is a joint venture between Ovum and the GSM Association.? Wireless Intelligence has forecast that nearly 500 million people will use CDMA technologies by 2010, up from 340 million, competing with 3.5 billion people using GSM technologies in 2010, up from 2.1 billion today. It also forecasts that WCDMA (the GSM 3G technology) will pass CDMA2000 sometime in 2009 as the most widely used 3G technology.

In a similar vein, Investors Business Daily has an article about slow roll-out of 3G networks?specifically the impact it has on the handset manufacturers. ?Only one in 10 mobile phones sold worldwide this year will be a 3G model, says market research firm Informa. By year-end 2010, Informa forecasts that only 9% of cell phone users in BRIC countries will be using 3G phones, whereas Japan is at more than 60%.? Malaysia has issued a 3G license, while ?Sweden?s IT Research has reported that sales of 3G handsets in Sweden have doubled over last year to 423,245 phones during the third quarter of this year - representing 42% of the total handset market. Just over one million handsets in total were sold during the 3rd quarter, a rise of 10%.?

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