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Nokia have announced that Taito, the publisher of some of the world's best-loved classic video and arcade games, will begin publishing connected mobile gaming content on the SNAP Mobile platform, the most comprehensive one stop solution for connected Java mobile gaming community. Expected to be available to consumers in late 2006, Taito games developed for SNAP Mobile feature the interactive multiplayer capabilities of the SNAP Mobile solution and are optimized for mobile play through superior use of mobile phone screen space.

SNAP Mobile's agreement with Taito to publish and distribute casual mobile gaming titles marks the US and European debut of a connected multiplayer version of Taito's hit title Bust-A-Move, known internationally as Puzzle Bobble. Bust-A-Move: Mobile Mania will be available on the SNAP Mobile platform with the unprecedented addition of gamer rankings and head-to-head match play over the cellular network as well as friends list, presence, and instant messaging capabilities.

"Our relationship with Nokia's SNAP Mobile opens a door to the market opportunity for connected casual gaming," said Kenji Ishikawa, Regional Manager of Taito. "The competitive nature of a game like Bust-A-Move lends itself to multiplayer gaming among groups of friends who purchase it for play using the SNAP Mobile solution."

"The connected multiplayer features of SNAP Mobile are a natural fit for intuitively social titles such as Taito's Bust-A-Move," said Lisa Waits, Head of Nokia's SNAP Mobile. "The agreement between SNAP Mobile and a leading publisher of casual gaming titles such as Taito helps to define a market shift to quality connected casual gaming titles for the mobile user."

The SNAP Mobile solution is now available for connected mobile game development and publishing, as well as mobile game community development. It delivers a quality connected game playing experience to users by harnessing the versatility of Java(TM)-based mobile content on a wide variety of Java(TM) MIDP2.0 compliant phones.

Operators, publishers and developers wishing to learn more about SNAP Mobile can also visit Nokia at booth #900 during the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, May 10-12.

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