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Freshly Inked Mobile Business Deal Brings Virtual Penguins to Life on Mobile Handsets: Artificial Life Adds 3D Interactive Games to Greystripe's GameJump.com Portal

With Two Companies Pioneering New Concepts for Mobile Gaming, It's Getting Really Exciting and Accessible for Mobile Consumers to Play More Games

Greystripe, the first mobile in-game advertising network and creator of GameJump.com, the world's biggest free, ad-supported mobile game portal, announced that it has inked a business partnership with Artificial Life, Inc., an award-winning game developer that has introduced innovative 3D interactivity to mobile handsets.

The agreement allows Artificial Life to earn advertising revenue by distributing its games through Greystripe's ad-supported entertainment web portal, GameJump.com. The games will be "wrapped" with advertising, using Greystripe's patent-pending AdWRAP technology. Consumers can now download some of the highest quality games available, all for free, from GameJump.com, from the mobile Web at http://gjmp.tw, or from online partner catalogs. The addition of these games to the network increases the GameJump.com selection to more than 120 games, many of which would be exceptionally expensive otherwise.

"If you remember the days of Pong and think of each quantum advance in console gaming over the decades, GameJump has taken a similar leap forward for mobile gaming," said Greystripe CEO Michael Chang. "By bringing Artificial Life into our family of games, we've given mobile gamers a level of sophistication in game design that has never before been so accessible."

Among the collection of games Artificial Life will provide is the challenging and amusing "V-Penguins(TM)", which features a community of adorable penguins that inhabit the harsh environment of the Antarctic. Players build and protect their penguin community and can even become a penguin parent entrusted with the survival of a young penguin chick. As animated and real penguins have taken the entertainment world by storm (think of the Madagascar penguins and the hit documentary March of the Penguins), now the beloved creatures will have a wide audience debut on the third screen -- consumers' mobile phones. Other games offered from Artificial Life include Princess Savior, Fire Fighter, Word Bomb and Word Matrix. Such impressive games have earned Artificial Life the favor of many judges worldwide, including the international Best Mobile Game Award from Ericsson and the Best Mobile Entertainment Software Award from the Hong Kong Entertainment Expo.

"We're pleased to be bringing our innovative mobile games to a wide, global audience of mobile consumers by partnering with Greystripe," said Eberhard Schoeneburg, CEO of Artificial Life. "This is a new business model for us, and we are eager to see it working well. Increasing the distribution will help us continue to release more high quality mobile games"

Artificial Life joins Germany's HandyGames, Alten8 Limited and 16 other publishers in choosing to partner with Greystripe and distribute games through GameJump.com.

About Artificial Life, Inc.

Artificial Life, Inc., (OTCBB:ALIF) is a public U.S. company headquartered in Hong Kong and a leading global provider of award-winning mobile technology, content, games and applications. Artificial Life develops and sells a wide range of mobile products and is one of the leading providers of 3G content and technology in the world. (www.artificial-life.com; www.v-girl.com; www.virtual-boys.com; www.v-disco.com; www.v-penguins.com; www.botme.com).

Contact: A. Fong a.fong@artificial-life.com or info@artificial-life.com

About Greystripe and GameJump.com

Greystripe is the first ad-supported mobile game and application distributor. Greystripe's patent-pending AdWRAP technology can automatically add advertising support to any Java game or application. Greystripe's revolutionary mobile ecosystem enables publishers to earn advertising revenue and greater distribution, while advertisers reach a new mobile audience, and consumers download great games for free. Greystripe reaches millions of mobile game players through its online portal, GameJump.com, through the mobile Web (gjmp.tw) and through its AdWRAP catalogue partner program. Greystripe currently distributes over 120 games from 19 publishers, supporting over 800 handset models. For more information, visit http://www.greystripe.com.

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