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For developers: Django runs on Windows Mobile 5.0

After PHP for Pocket PC comes Python! Django is an open source web application framework based on MVC (Model View Controller paradigm for development of GUI), written in Python. Now writing web applications with Python is possible right away inside of your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device (phone or PDA)!

Clearly Windows Mobile is not the best just for end users but also for developers...

The guy who discovered how to do run Django on Pocket PC, writes:

I just got the web framework django running on a Windows Mobile 5 PDA. I'm running under python 2.5

mostly it's installing stuff and getting around the lack of the command line shell. The only other tip is to start the development server with --noreload.

startup script that lets you use the server over WiFi

To learn more and to see screen shots, click here.

Python is a langauge used increasingly in open source software developent projects and it makes it possible to create software that can run in all platforms. Example is the best podcast downloader in the world, that is written in Python and runs on Mac, PC and Linux. Recently Python is used also for web application development although PHP still is a leader and most widely used technology. Having Django on Pocket PC means that developers can be productive also when they are away from computers... and it proves once again how versatile Windows Mobile is!

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