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Building on its success in 2006, this unique initiative rewards innovation in mobile games.

LEIPZIG? August 22nd, 2007?Adobe, NOKIA and MOVIDA have joined forces to support the fourth annual International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) as the main sponsors. In addition, the IMGA has announced sponsorship from QUALCOMM, NVIDIA, AMD and Belle de Mai Media Park, Marseille. The unique and exceptionally broad international support received for these awards reflects the growing importance of mobile gaming for the graphics industry worldwide and confirms IMGA?s leadership in the field of mobile games awards.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

o Excellence in Connectivity (Multi-platform, social networking)
o Excellence in 3D
o Excellence in Game Play
o Best licensed IP-based game
o Best 2D Casual Game (Typically developed in Flash, Java, etc.)

IMGA 2006 received an impressive 400 entries from 42 countries. Participation came from talented individuals, established studios and publishers.

Maarten Noyons, founder and Managing Director commented, ?This fourth edition will be broader, better and more competitive than previous years. Thanks to our sponsors and our partners, we will be able to reach a much larger number of innovators. We are determined to find the 25 best ideas for tomorrow?s mobile games by October.?

This determination is shared by all IMGA sponsors, old or new to the awards :

?The new generation of advanced mobile devices offer consumers new gaming experiences with better graphics, better connectivity and better game play,? says Taizo SON, President of MOVIDA Inc. ?IMGA, showcases the work of developers worldwide who are exploring these new possibilities in mobile gaming. It is Movida?s everyday challenge to bring that talent and advanced technology together in a simple and profitable way; therefore we are proud to be IMGA?s sponsor for the second year.?

?We are excited to be part of the International Mobile Gaming Awards once again,? says Dr. Mark Ollila, Director of Technology and Strategy, and Head of Nokia Games Publishing, Games, Multimedia. ?Last year?s Awards demonstrated a huge leap forward for mobile games and, with the launch of the new N-Gage platform around the corner, we are looking forward to seeing how the mobile games developers will be using new elements such as social connectivity to add creativity to their entries this year.?

Entrants are invited to submit initial proposals by 6 p.m. CET on Sept 24, 2007, and a short list of 25 will be announced by the end of October. Those short listed will then have until Jan 28, 2008 to produce a demo version of their concept for judging. The winners will be announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Feb 13, 2008.

?QUALCOMM is excited to be a sponsor for this year?s International Mobile Gaming Awards, which spotlights the many advances the industry has made over the past year by highlighting the very best in mobile gaming,? said Mike Yuen, senior director of the Gaming Group for QUALCOMM Internet Services. ?We are proud to support an organization that recognizes the most innovative and creative mobile games and developers from around the world.?

?AMD is proud to be a part of the International Mobile Gaming Awards,? says Aki J?rvilehto, Director of Marketing, Europe for AMD's Handheld Division. ?AMD?s objective is to enable a global mobile content ecosystem with cutting edge technology supported by solid content tools. IMGA is a driving force for mobile games innovation and we are tremendously excited to see developers and publishers take full advantage of the new technologies available to them.?

NVIDIA?s vice president of Embedded Content, Neil Trevett commented: "The mobile phone is becoming our most personal computing device and with this transition will come a new wave of applications and content. NVIDIA is proud to support the Imga's pivotal role in energizing the content industry through its encouragement of creativity and innovation in mobile game design."

For more information about the IMGA and to enter the 2007 competition, visit www.imgawards.com.

About Movida

MOVIDA provides new lifestyle options and vitalizes the broadband & mobile with cutting-edge ideas, fascinating content and progressive technologies. Operations of member companies of the MOVIDA Group include publishing manga, on-line gaming, and managing a 10 billion yen online game investment fund. MOVIDA is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


BREW? solutions change the way people relate to wireless data services. By enabling discovery and delivery of high-value content, BREW creates opportunities for the wireless industry to enhance consumers? mobile data experience. QUALCOMM?s comprehensive and targeted BREW Signature Solutions offer reduced time to market and lower capital investment for companies providing mobile products and services. Customers also can benefit from several modular BREW offerings, including uiOne?, deliveryOne? and QPoint?, which provide the foundation for customer-differentiated wireless data capabilities.

About Belle de Mai

120,000 m2 devoted to creative spirits. Marseille , second city of France, has redeveloped a disused industrial area previously owned by the National Public Tobacco Company, devoting it entirely to the creative, digital industries. The site is a perpetual hive of activity and the ideal incubator for developing creative relationships. Every day producers, game designers, artists and programmers, rub shoulders with publishers and content distribution houses, not to mention consultants, technical service providers, marketing and promotion companies. An approach unlike any other in Europe.

About IMGA

The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA), launched in 2004 is the leading platform for Innovation in Mobile Entertainment worldwide. Each year mobile gaming studios, individual developers, students and researchers are challenged to come up with the most innovative concepts for tomorrow's mobile games. The IMGA brings together Industry leaders and top talent in Mobile Entertainment and displays the most innovative Mobile Entertainment Games and Applications to a broad worldwide audience.


QUALCOMM and BREW are registered trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated. uiOne, deliveryOne, and QPoint are trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated.

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