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DriveCam Inc. Introduces First Cellular and Web-Based Platform for Driver Risk Management Clients

SAN DIEGO-- DriveCam Inc. today announced new deployment options for its behavior-based risk mitigation solution. The company now offers the next generation in Driver Risk Management, cellular or Wi-Fi delivery options with a Web-based interface. DriveCam is the first Driver Risk Management company to offer cellular upload to fleets, simplifying technology deployment for commercial and government fleets.

This latest industry innovation ? combining cellular upload with a Web interface for DriveCam clients ? simplifies deployment and support, eliminates investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure and brings Driver Risk Management to fleets, including long-haul trucking, sales and service fleets, that previously were unable to take advantage of daily upload and review due to remote upload locales and lack of frequency with which their drivers return to home bases. Reducing launch time also makes the solution more cost effective to implement by way of lessening upfront investment and providing faster return on investment.

DriveCam?s behavior-based risk mitigation solution predicts and prevents actual risky driving behaviors likely to result in collisions. Combining deep expertise gained through the review of tens of thousands of risky driving events with ongoing program management, advanced technology and analytics, DriveCam delivers consistent, long-term results for clients. DriveCam?s software is now available online, which eliminates the need for installation and provides immediate access to upgrades for clients.

?DriveCam offers the most flexible Driver Risk Management solution to deliver client satisfaction and enhance fleet safety,? said Doron Lurie, chief operating officer at DriveCam Inc. ?Cellular deployment provides a perfect solution for long-haul trucking companies and other organizations that have a vested interest in improving the safety of their fleets, but whose operators do not often return to a central location. DriveCam?s new delivery options give them more freedom as well as additional safety on the road.?

DriveCam?s new cellular-capable video event recorder, which captures and records risky driving behaviors and then sends the event files to DriveCam?s Certified Driving Behavior Analysts for review, was developed with support from Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR)(TSX:SW) Professional Services. The solution uses Sierra Wireless embedded modules to provide the cellular connection.

?The addition of cellular upload capability to DriveCam?s Driver Risk Management solution highlights the value that Sierra Wireless embedded modules can deliver when integrated into a wide variety of broadband M2M applications,? said Dan Schieler, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales for Sierra Wireless, ?Emerging mobile applications that improve safety and security benefit greatly from the higher bandwidth now available from mobile broadband networks, and remote management using the cellular connection reduces upload and service time. Overall, applications like DriveCam?s innovative solution can add great value for a diverse group of customers.?

The cellular and Web-based platform will be available to DriveCam customers in North America beginning in Summer 2007.

About Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR)(TSX:SW) develops and markets wide area wireless solutions for mobile computing. The Sierra Wireless product portfolio includes the award-winning AirCard? line of wireless modems, embedded modules for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and the MP line of rugged, vehicle-mounted wireless modems. Sierra Wireless also offers professional services to OEM customers during product development, leveraging the company?s expertise in wireless design and integration to provide built-in wireless connectivity for notebook computers and other portable computing devices. Sierra Wireless is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, with additional offices in Carlsbad, California, London, and Hong Kong. For more information about Sierra Wireless, please visit www.sierrawireless.com.

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