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Does The Mobile Search Business Model Make Business Sense?

Telecomasia.net takes a look at mobile search and what this mega-trend says about the overall direction of the mobile industry. ?By acknowledging the importance of search, operators are effectively junking their old business model. You don?t need to search a walled garden.? Indeed, now that mobile search is becoming the de facto interface to content, operators have to decide how they are going to integrate it into their own services. And then there is another question the article doesn?t address: How many mobile search engines should an operator offer? Surely, it won?t be long before users, spoilt by choice outside the walled portals, grow to expect choice in mobile search engines?Will vertical search prove the best way to guide users to off-portal destinations? Or could mobile metasearch be the next logical step in this continuum? The article goes on to quote Hamid Akhavan, Deutsche Telekom CEO, who says the end-game isn?t about chasing new customers. ?Now the game has changed - we have to harvest the customers we have.? No matter which flavor of mobile search operators ultimately choose ? personalization will need to be part of the mix if they are going to reach and influence their users when they are are in search-mode (and, hopefully, buy-mode).

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