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Disney sends Mobile ESPN to the showers


Disney announced it is closing its Mobile ESPN MVNO business. Rather than continuing to operate its own virtual mobile network, the company elected to license the Mobile ESPN application to existing carriers. The company will stop selling Mobile ESPN handsets and plans immediately.

Current Mobile ESPN customers can elect to continue service through December 31 of this year. Upon settlement of their final bills, customers will receive a rebate for the purchase price of their phones. Customers who choose to end the Mobile ESPN service earlier will be able to do so without any early termination penalty, since customers are being released from current contract obligations.

Given the demise of Mobile ESPN, one has to wonder what the future holds for Disney Mobile. Disney Mobile does reach out to a different demographic than Mobile ESPN: its plans and services are built with a family in mind. However, you must believe Disney is at least considering its love affair with operating its own MVNO is over.

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